Class ServerModule

  • @Module(includes={ApplicationModule.class,FirebaseAuthModule.class,org.curioswitch.curiostack.gcloud.core.auth.GcloudAuthModule.class,org.curioswitch.curiostack.gcloud.iam.GcloudIamModule.class,MonitoringModule.class,JwtModule.class,LoggingModule.class,SecurityModule.class})
    public abstract class ServerModule
    extends java.lang.Object
    A Module which bootstraps a server, finding and registering GRPC services to expose. All servers should include this Module from an application-specific Module that binds services to be exposed to BindableService and add it to a Component which returns the initialized Server.

    For example,

     {@literal @}Module(includes = ServerModule.class)
     abstract class MyAppServerModule {
       {@literal @}Bind @IntoSet abstract BindableService myAppService(AppService service);
     {@literal @}Component(modules = MyAppServerModule.class)
     interface MyAppComponent {
       Server server();
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        public ServerModule()